Accommodation in Prague

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Vila Barbora

Prague - Praha 4, in the village / in the city, near waterside

Dormitory Hral

Praha - Hloubětín, at the periphery of the village / city, n...

KM House

Praha - Černý Most - Černý most, at the periphery of the village / city, downtown

Residence Jana

Praha - Dejvice, in the village / in the city

Pension Věra

Praha - Žižkov, in the village / in the city, downtown

Pension City Center & L`Opera

Praha - Nové Město, in the village / in the city, downtown

Vila Počernice

Praha - Horní Počernice, in the village / in the city

Hostel Pražačka

Praha - Žižkov, in the village / in the city, downtown

Penthouse Letňanské zahrady

Praha - Letňany, in the village / in the city

Family Style and Garden

Praha - Smíchov, in the village / in the city, downtown
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Prague 1

The heart of Europe, the Pearl of cities, the Golden One, the One with Hundred Spiers

All these names were given to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. A walk through Prague means returning to the past. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city is full of many important buildings. At the same time, it is the largest urban conservation area in the Czech Republic.

Prague annually welcomes thousands of visitors and their interest is constantly increasing. In addition to the valuable monuments, Prague can also offer a variety of cultural activities or stylish gastronomy.

It is impossible to list all the pros Prague can offer, because there is a lot to see, but let's take a look at some of the most important monuments and have a few tips for less known places, which are also worth visiting.

Charming places and corners of Prague

Perhaps every tourist will visit Prague Castle, which is the number one monument. Its size ranks among the largest castle complexes in the world. It was founded in the 9th century.

It is formed by one of the landmarks of Prague - St. Vitus Cathedral, where the coronations of Czech kings were held and where the coronation jewels are preserved, as well as the Old and New Royal Palace, the Queen Anne's Summer Palace, the Lobkowicz Palace, the Noblewomen Institute, the Basilica and the St. George Monastery with four courtyards, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Church of All Saints and, among other things, the Golden Lane, the Powder Tower and also the statues, fountains, gardens and important halls (Vladislav hall and Spanish hall).

A pleasant walk goes from Prague Castle to Petřín, with more than 60 meters high observation tower, mirror maze or Štefánik Observatory.

On your way from Hradčany to Petřín you will pass another important monument - the Strahov Monastery. It is the largest Premonstratensian monastery in the country. The famous library and the Monument of the Czech Literature are also part of the monastery. If you decide to visit Petřín directly from the city center, you can then use the cableway that follows the tram connection in Újezd ​​station.

Prague 2

Another important cultural and historical monument is Vyšehrad, which is  about 3 kilometers distant from the castle. This historic fort has its origins from the end of the 11th century and is a place surrounded by myths and legends. You can visit the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the Vysehrad Cemetery, where important Czech personalities are buried and also the Rotunda of St. Martin.

Other historical attractions, culture and entertainment in Prague

If you want to enjoy some culture, then you must visit The National Theater. The building, which could be created thanks to the public collection, burned down soon after its opening in 1881 was reopened two years later. Today, drama, ballet and opera are based in the same building.

In addition to the National Theater, there are many other theaters in Prague where you can enjoy all the cultural genres. We can mention the Kalich Theater, the Stavovske Theater, the Karlín Musical Theater, the Theater Pod Palmovkou, the Dejvické Theater, Broadway, Na Fidlovačce, Ta Fantastika and the State Opera.

The Old Town Square is the center of the Christmas market in winter, and aside from the large number of tourists that attract the market every year, there is a great Christmas atmosphere. The square was built in the 12th century and we still admire the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn or the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas. From the tower of the Old Town Hall you can enjoy a beautiful view of Prague.

From the Old Town Square, it is not far to the Charles Bridge. It is said that eggs were added to the foundations during its construction, but scientists refuted this superstition. What remains though, is that Charles Bridge is the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava River. It is decorated with 30 statues and sculptures, and especially in the summer it gets busy in here - there are painters, musicians and jewelery vendors here.

At the Charles Bridge you can try to walk through the narrowest street in Prague. We are talking about U Lužického semináře street and pedestrian traffic must be controlled by a traffic light. It is barely half a meter wide at its narrowest point.

Prague 3

Cruising on the Vltava River is also an attractive experience. There are several companies that offer these cruises. You can enjoy restaurant boats, sailing through the historic steamboats or take the boat to the ZOO. For families with children, this is the ideal way to enjoy an unforgettable day. The Troja ZOO prides itself in breeding gorillas, Indian gavials and attractive nightly tours.

Tips for the best accommodation in Prague

If you are planning a trip or holidays in Prague, make sure to spend a few days there. Tips for accommodation can therefore be useful for you. Prague is a city full of accommodation of all categories and types. Whether you want to enjoy great luxury or cheap accommodation, Prague offers something for everyone.

Hotels of all categories, pensions, apartments, hostels, dormitories, private accommodation, holiday homes, bed and breakfasts, motels… All of this awaits you in Prague. An interesting variegation can be a night at the botel, which is a hotel on the boat.

Of course, the price of accommodation in the center of Prague is higher, so it depends only on your preferences, whether you prefer to be right in the middle of the action or enjoy the peace of mind of the uptown in Prague.

In Prague,  you can spend an unforgettable holiday full of diverse experiences, so do not hesitate and include Prague in your list of planned places.